Yoga has a historical role in Indian society and culture, as well as, a medicinal role. For years yoga enthusiasts have shouted its benefits for keeping the joints limber, maintaining movement, and providing stress relief. The latest studies and trend reports hail Yoga as a beauty booster. That’s right, by attending Yoga class you can not only loosen your muscles, workout your joints, but get pretty. You’re probably either thinking “how” right about now…or rushing to sign up for a class. Let me explain.

Organs Require Blood Flow to Be Healthy
Your skin is your largest body organ. Like the brain or heart, it requires steady blood flow to be healthy. Blood flows to areas of use. When you move your body, your skin will stretch with the movement. This causes blood to flow to the region to supply oxygen to the cells. Lucky for you, your skin is a single, whole organ. That means that you don’t have to move your face to bring blood flow to it, you need only move and stretch your skin in a way to promote movement.

Stress Builds up Toxins
Stress has been proven repeatedly to be hard on your organs. Stress produces cortisol, that nasty weight gain hormone. It also reduces the function of other organs. Your skin being an organ is affected by stress, and cannot perform its cellular renewal at normal rates when taxed. As you probably know, Yoga is proven to alleviate stress and boost the body’s production of “happy” chemicals. This is why people who take yoga smile more and aren’t usually the type to break their smartphones in an angry pique.

Yoga has the capacity to energize the skin, naturally. It helps the body produce more collagen, turn over cells quicker, and generally leaves people smiling—which we all know looks a lot better than a frown. If you haven’t considered Yoga for the pants and cute gear, try it for the wrinkle reduction.

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